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What is the best site to attract sales?

The best site to attract sales is your own blog. Review popular products that are in high demand. Write articles that are informative and related to the people who use those products. Submit the articles and reviews to your social networks even setting up a Fan Page on Facebook and a Business Profile on LinkedIn and Business Page on Google […]

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How to Get Results from Traffic Exchanges

How To Get Results From Traffic Exchanges

Do you want traffic or do you want results?   I have owned two traffic exchanges and used them somewhat for over a decade and I can tell you that they are a challenge for getting results out of. Getting the traffic is easy, you trade 3 times the effort for 1/3 the return or you upgrade for a better […]

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Is SFI A Scam?

Is SFI A Scam?

Around the web you see dozens of Blogs claiming SFI is a Scam. This is what you need to know about those reviews and SFI. See in any online business or offline business only 3% of the population will become top earners and be highly successful. The rest of us come somewhere below this crowd that makes 80% of the […]

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Dealing With Rejection In Network Marketing

Dealing with rejection-Your Affiliate Marketing Business

In marketing, as in life, the one thing you can be sure of is rejection happens. Rejection happens more often than success when we ask for a raise at work in our JOB, it happens when we ask a pretty girl or handsome guy out on a date, our children will spend most of 18 years rejecting us because they […]

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Inactive Downline Network Marketing

Network Marketing – Fighting an Inactive Downline.

How to get higher quality referrals to your Network Marketing business. As a member and forum mainstay at Strong Future International I see affiliates constantly struggle with low conversion and being frustrated because they follow the training loosely and recruit a few hundred people to get a small handful of workers. Industry wide it takes 100 referrals to get 1 to […]

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successfully start a home business

First Steps to Starting a Home Business

How to start a Home Business? You will hear a lot of hype about programs offering this or that tool to help you earn 6 figures overnight or within 30-60 days and everyone has a secret to sell you so how do you know what to trust when it comes to starting a home business? Fact is only 3% of […]

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Black Friday Sale 2015

Cyber Weekend Sale at Wealthy Affiliate

BLACK FRIDAY TO CYBER MONDAY SALE AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate has been a mainstay in the affiliate marketing training scene for over a decade and this weekend only they are offering never before seen savings on their yearly membership. You can save a minimum 55% off the monthly cost of Wealthy Affiliate membership when […]

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Are you promoting your home business the right way?

Promoting A Home Business. Are you doing it wrong?

Are you sending the wrong message about your home business via e-mails? Weather it’s a safelist or a private message on a social site of social media enabled traffic exchange like Easyhits4u, I get tons of e-mails from other members who are like join my program it’s so awesome and then you open the e-mail and there are 20 programs […]

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Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money with Niche Marketing and Affiliate Programs.

This week let’s talk about driving sales through niche marketing,   The first key to successful niche marketing is reaching your prospective customer at the right point in their decision making process. To do that you need to understand how those decisions are made and learn to jump into the though process with the right information to help them along. […]

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Join Wealthy Affiliate, Learn to Make MoneyOnline

Two Months at Wealthy Affiliate Update.

It’s been a great couple months in Wealthy Affiliate despite the fact I am just finishing up with Module 2 today. I came to Wealthy Affiliate after more than 10 years blogging and can honestly say I could have used the Wealthy Affiliate University years ago. It was a program always on my mind but not in my budget for […]

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